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V10 TDI in California?

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Hi Everybody,

does anybody know if the V10 TDI will be introduced in California? Due to California's strickt exhaust policy diesel cars are not allowed, except for trucks. A dealer told me that the Tourareg might fall under the truck policy.


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V10 in California?

Buy your V10 and register it out of state. That's what I'm doing. The idiots in California legislature can eat my diesel dust. It makes no sense that certain diesel vehicles can be purchased while others cannot, especially when the Touareg V10 gets better mileage than most other diesel trucks and gas powered SUVs.

All California (and the 4 other Nazi states) are doing is punishing me as a consumer and Volkswagen when its the oil companies they should be going after. Make them lower the sulfer content of diesel sooner and no one would need to worry about excessive NOx emissions. Besides studies are inconclusive that NOx has a greater impact than CO2 (gas powered vehicles make tons more CO2) on smog and global warming.

Diesel be damned, I'm getting my V10 this fall! (on order now). Maybe Gov Arnold can knock some sense into state rulemakers.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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