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hi all,
my 2004 v10 started to run rough between 2000-3000 rpm's, unwilling to accelerate as hard as ever, and there is lack of boost (not as much as when you loose the turbos, lets say about 20%) and there is black smoke while accelerating from the exhausts.

when connected to the computer we read (translating from Turkish to English)
16563 p0179 000
fuel quality sensor
limit value has been exceeded


19557 p3101 000
intake manifold cover motor -v157

do you think these are relevant to what I am experiencing?

those ignorent technicians could not figure out the location of the fuel quality sensor - should there be one- and did not know how to solve the problem so I am trying to figure out smt online. the location of the sensor, or the reason of running rough etc..

any help would be appreciated... thank you (and pardon my english if I could not be able to tell the problem )
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