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V-10 California fizzle

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I live in S.Cal and went into the Valenica VW dealer today, all excited to test drive a V-10 - just for the hell of it. (i'm waiting until Sept for the new V-6's before I make up my mind between the 6 or the 8 ).

You can imagine my shock to find out that because of cal smog rules, v-10 TDI's are not legal in CA. In fact, the dealer had no plans to get one - period.

Is that correct? I'm all for strict smog controls - it's one of the reasons the air in ca is a lot cleaner than it used to be - but there are lots of old rabbit and Mercedes diesels on the road here belching smoke and soot like chimneys.

So what gives?

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statini said:
Ha Ha.....70K???......:confused2:
It will be CA legal then.
And they call it the "United" States. So much for Federal standards.

I've got a 2004 V10 on hold for a few days while I work out the California logistics :writers_block: . It has a VIN ending in 086290.....does that mean it is from the latest batch or at least has the latest bug fixes...hardware mechanics & software???

21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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