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V-10 California fizzle

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I live in S.Cal and went into the Valenica VW dealer today, all excited to test drive a V-10 - just for the hell of it. (i'm waiting until Sept for the new V-6's before I make up my mind between the 6 or the 8 ).

You can imagine my shock to find out that because of cal smog rules, v-10 TDI's are not legal in CA. In fact, the dealer had no plans to get one - period.

Is that correct? I'm all for strict smog controls - it's one of the reasons the air in ca is a lot cleaner than it used to be - but there are lots of old rabbit and Mercedes diesels on the road here belching smoke and soot like chimneys.

So what gives?

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In Europe there are 3 different qualities of diesel. The most sold and most countries only have that one is the "green" diesel with less than 50 ppm suffer in it (at the moment that are strict rules). Than there is also the biodiesel as already stated by V10 SUV, this is mostly sold in Germany, Suise and some other countries but not that much yet Biodiesel is hot for the moment and it is very popular in the political world to take about it and starting to have it also sold in you country or region. And the last one is diesel with more than 50 ppm suffer, even up to 1.500 ppm and more, but in most countries this isn't allowed any more or/and not sold any more.

If you drive a car with the "Green" diesel and of course the biodiesel, you car is better for the enviroment than a fuel car. And having this combined with an axtra filter ont the exhaust for the particles, than you have a very green car.
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