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V-10 California fizzle

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I live in S.Cal and went into the Valenica VW dealer today, all excited to test drive a V-10 - just for the hell of it. (i'm waiting until Sept for the new V-6's before I make up my mind between the 6 or the 8 ).

You can imagine my shock to find out that because of cal smog rules, v-10 TDI's are not legal in CA. In fact, the dealer had no plans to get one - period.

Is that correct? I'm all for strict smog controls - it's one of the reasons the air in ca is a lot cleaner than it used to be - but there are lots of old rabbit and Mercedes diesels on the road here belching smoke and soot like chimneys.

So what gives?

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Winter package

My wife and I have a 2nd home in the mountains so got the winter package with our V8 Touareg. We are not skiers so I don't know how much we will use the passthrough in the 2nd row seat, but it could come in handy for other things.

We now have 1000 miles on the Treg and so far the only real problem is that the clock runs fast.
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