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Who is intresting ?
Its a genuine VW MP3 USB adaptor design for Golf EOS Jetta Passat installed in armrest.
Its compatibile with all radio such as Delta , MFD MFD2 RN S2 etc. Its can be easy exchange with existing CD changer in DIN 1 size. For Touareg, can be install anyware , even on the rear, but need a little bit DIY with wire.
Create 6 folder such as (CD1 CD2 CD3...). Write up to 99 MP3 songs to the each folders. Your radio / NAV will recognize this as CD Changer with 6 disc. Full control from radio panel.
594 Mp3 songs , 3 min per each song = over 30h miusic ;)

price 70$ + shipping from Poland

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