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Hello everyone,

I've been using this site to do all sorts of things with my T2 and this is my first time actually posting with a problem I have. I will try to explain exactly what I did so there is no confusion.

The Parrot CK3100 installation was done by the VW dealership many years ago. Now I purchased the newer model to stream music via bluetooth and all that fancy stuff. This time I wanted to install the kit myself. This is what I did:

I started by removing the radio, next I did was check how the dealership did the wiring of the CK3100. Check the following 2 images to show you how the wiring was done.

I replaced these wires like this:

5 and 6 are right audioline + and -. I just took the same colors as the old Parrot, maybe I need 1 left and 1 right? Number 7 is the mute wire. The new parrot had three mute wires, all three different colors so I took the mute cable that had the same color (yellow).

Next, I plugged in all the cables to the blue box.

Replaced old 12v battery and ignition wires with new ones.

NOTE: I checked if it was giving +12v on battery and 12v on ignition and power did go through.

Last thing was this:

Powering on the vehicle, parrot screen doesn't even turn on. Trying to figure things out I plugged in the old Parrot with the screen and 12v cords and now the old one doesn't turn on. I guess everything needs to be plugged in correctly before the Parrot kit even turns on.

I included both Parrot manuals if that might help out (see attachments).

I'm trying to find help from you guys before I give up and let someone else do it.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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