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Undercarriage Protection…..says for a Treg

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I have just got myself a 180TDI white/white. Tinted, hole in the roof. Looking for some nice looking Black 20" satin or matt rims and to sell the 20" Pikes.
I'm in China. Bought the Treg and stuck it in airport parking 2 weeks after I bought it. Had to Come here all of a sudden. Crying shame. I'll be back after Chinese New Year mid Feb.
But I found this Forum just before I left and finally jumped on it today and read a thread about 'Big Bad Mud Tyres' by an Ozzie engineering guy named Alex. He has done some amazing things to make his Treg more sensibly fit for 4WDriving.
I noticed a lot of people are looking for undercarriage protection and cannot find anything. I did a little search and found this s/s plate that is pretty generic but, Touareg was listed as a vehicle it would fit. Can anyone clarify if these pictured would work. Could someone send a template so I can check?
I will find out if these are generic pictures tomorrow, my wife can talk to them and find out or if they have to be made and they have the specs. Also the cost. I might be ordering, but if anyone wants to order them. the more the cheaper it would be. I am shipping to Australia sorry folks. I can probably find other things if anyone needs them cheaper. I am going to get mats manufactured here for the foot wells and for the back so I can get it messed up and just chuck the mats in the wash or hose them down after going 4wdriving.

Check out Alex's thread, its a real interesting read.

I will find out how to post a thread and put these on the main forum if they prove to be correct.


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