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V10 - one new tyre at 12,000 miles. Two more new tyres at 19,000 miles. Looking at another two new tyres (including replacing the "new one" of 12,000 miles) now at 26,000 miles. Drive motorway miles. not a "school run" vehicle, done 15,000 miles since February 2005 mainly up and down motorway and dual carriage. Minimum journey in this vehicle at least 150 miles every time it leaves the drive.
VW UK inform me that 9,000 to 13,000 miles is expected tyre life.
Dealer will not replace any tyres free of charge.
At 19,000 miles paid £200 plus to have all four wheels aligned.
Like the car, don't like the tyre wear.
Have had many large cars with large tyres and "large" performance, lots more than this one in fact (Merc ML55AMG last "big" performance 4x4 did 70K 30k average tyre replacement), never had such poor tyre miles.
Have VW got this vehicle wrong ?
Anyone else interested in persuing VW UK on this subject of premature tyre wear ?
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