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Inspired by some of VR6Exec's Optimum No Rinse posts this year I figured I would give a rinse free wash a try on my Blue TDI. With a full wax due soon, now was the time to give it a shot. :chainsaw:

I determined that for same day service in my local auto stores I had just one chance and that was the Turtle Wax Rinse Free Wash & Wax.
A quick check on-line confirmed some good reviews of the product so I figured I would go for it.
Half an hour of YouTube research on ONR methods and I figured it was time to get dangerous.

Before I started:

I opted for the Garry Dean method of pre-treat with spray and a pre-soaked new cloth for each panel.
It took about 3 gallons of Rinse Free mixture to soak 20 microfiber towels and fill a 32oz spray bottle. All towels used were brand new for both wash and dry. (Pre-washing the towels to eliminate any manufacturing impurities would have been preferred)

My Touareg was fairly clean to start. It had about 1 week 500 miles since the last wash (one day of damp, but not full wet roads).
I would say that the road salt accumulation was light to light moderate, maybe 1/3 up the side panels.
My paint was in excellent condition, pretty much no wash related marks.

On the sides and rear where grime was present I went out of my way to use multiple cloths per panel.

The initial results looked great, but it was a dull grey afternoon.
The next morning we got some strong sun and I confirmed my worst fear: swirl marks! :(

The door panels in particular were now mostly coated in extremely fine lines in the direction I had washed.
The hood was nearly unscathed with just one long fine line and a small number of shorter ones.
The front quarter panels were mostly ok.
And amazingly the rear lower quarter panels, bumper, and hatch were all only very lightly scarred.
Negatively a light film was left on the windows visible at close range and driving me crazy on the drivers side window, mirror, and windshield.
The polish was very good, not overly shiny but even and with depth.
After a few days I can also say that dust resistance is above average.

This product is not suitable for a Rinse Free Wash of a vehicle with debris on it if you want to maintain perfect swirl free paint.
If your car has ever been through a touch car wash then you won't notice the difference and I would say the product would be effective.
It may also be effective for environments with no road salt or as a touch up wash.
I would probably use it on my white Touareg and I would consider it for a quick summer touch up on the Blue or Black provided they only had light dust or water spots.
I would consider it effective as an instant detailer.

This winter I'll be sticking to tried and true car wash soap with a rinse.
I'll use up this product during the dry process when my supply of Eagle One Wax as You Dry runs out.

Maybe come spring time (before next full wax) I will give the real Optimum No Rinse a shot and see how it compares.

- 3 Gallons of Water for Whole Wash
- Availability and Price
- Good Polish
- Very Good Dust Resistance
- Excellent results on black trim, especially textured parts

- Swirl marks on panels with a light coating of road salt / grime
- Film on Windows
- Time (took me about 25% longer than my typical wash, although it was my first try)
- Lots of Towels

Reference to the VR6Exec ONR Posts that inspired this attempt:

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You went beyond the normal and had issues, I don't trust these types of wash programs. Lots if water and lubricating soap is what I trust. I dry with shamoo towels-shammies and get good results. BTW I wash the new shamies before using them.

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You went beyond the normal and had issues, I don't trust these types of wash programs. Lots if water and lubricating soap is what I trust. I dry with shamoo towels-shammies and get good results. BTW I wash the new shamies before using them.
Fortunately my expectations weren't that high. Results actually overall a little better than I expected.

Almost 1 week later and dust accumulation is still minimal.

The other place it did a great job was on the black plastic. Most washes leave the textured trim slightly faded looking, this left it true black.
These two things lead me to believe it makes a good quick detailer or post-wash spray. At the price point and cutting it with water, it's dirt cheap compared to a spray bottle of quick detailer.

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1 week later follow up.

Dust resistance still appears above average.
Ok water repellency when I did a full wash.
Good beading over the whole car and glass and some sheeting action.

I did a thorough full wash this weekend.
The no rinse quick detailer may leave black trim untouched but it does a below average job at cleaning off previous wax residue.

I went through a full exterior detail with a coat of Zaino Z5 followed by a coat of Zaino Z2.
Was actually unimpressed with the original coat of Z5, as it had to be buffed off with cotton (as per the instructions) because the microfiber left a film and the finish was average.
The Z2 did the trick though.

I had some extra time and did some test patches with Pinnacle Souverain, Armor All Ice, and Mothers California Quick Detailer on top of the Z2.
I couldn't notice any significant benefit to any of these products enhancing the Z2 finish. The Mother's actually had a negative impact.

You might be able to tell I have no loyalty for waxing products, just like to tinker with different ones and use what's on hand at whim.
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