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hi, I am currently dealing with two issues here, mine is 2004 Touareg with 50K km

1. the first one is like what everyone was talking about in the forum, my driver signal/ turn light in the front and back are off simultaneously, thus according to the forum, it's not the bulb it's the fuse. I replaced the fuse on the driver site at 5pm last night and it lasted until 7pm, and the fuse got blown again. Do you think it's the same issue and i need to replace the J519? The technician from the authorized dealer advised that it could be because the wire is wrapped with environmental friendly plastic thus, it's easier to come off and when you driver, the wire might bump to each other and cause the fuse to blow. do you think the technician is telling the truth ?

the second one is low beam light issue as the driver side low beam HID light would work for 5-10 min after engine starts then just turns off, then the screen will show attention. However, if you turn off and restart, the light will work for 5-10 min then off again. Sometime, it lasts longer, sometime, it is shorter. I brought the car to authorized dealer and the technician did a switch then suggested that, I should change the whole light unit and it would cost me 2K, they also suggested that this might contribute to the first problem as well. However, the low beam is on and off for like 2 years, the signal/turn light is very recent.

thanks so much
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