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We have a 2005 v6 Touareg.

We seem to be missing something while trying to take out the lock module from the front passenger door. I have read countless threads, searched youtube and other sites since i know lock issues are common. I know what to check once we get the module out, but that is the issue.

We took the interior panel and secondary panel off the door to expose the black braces and hollow space of the door. The issue we are having is trying to get the module past the braces. I know its likely something simple we are missing but could use a life line.
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The one guide i could find on the forum talked about rivets to remove the exterior layer of the door, but as the picture below shows there are no rivets. (yes i know the two screws shown need to be removed, we put them back in after installing a new exterior cable that was broken hoping that was the issue.)
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Thank you in advance for the help.
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