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Tires For the Touareg 265 50/R19
My car came with Pirelli Tires - They Sucked. It sounded like on every bump like an over
Inflated basketball, Pin, Pin, and Pin. I had them replaced at 12k with MICHELIN.
The Michelin Work Good for 10k, then Tire noise - People would get in my car and tell me
The tires were loud. I had all I could take with Tires that only Got 22k per set….(I paid
For 3 sets) I looked for a Set of tires that could work For My Touareg That
Were quiet and had Hi mileage _ found them!!!!!! _- By Toyo Celsius CUV
70k rated and $100 cheaper the the rest………………….. They are so quit
I can hear my heart beat.. NICE So Nice…
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