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Treg Muster NSW Australia and beyond

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Anyone up for another muster?
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Janeece and I have booked 23 to 27th March at the campground.
(Gloucester River CG-Barrington Tops NP )
Thanks for organizing.
Looking forward to meeting up with some of the treggers from the previous 3 musters we have been on and meeting new friends.

Any objection to me asking a relative who has just got a new Jayco RV to join us on their first outing in the van?
I need special consideration.
I need to be near cold beer. 🍺😁
Forgot to mention I will have a 20ft caravan in tow.
Does anybody going on the March Muster have the equipment and know how to turn off the DRL eye lash?
How to turn off eye lashes.
TIA Stuart.
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Keep you eye out for my next post on the 8/3/2023.
Looking on the National parks alert web site there is an alert in place on the map which reaches out to just include the campgrounds for
Aerial Shooting for Pest Animal Control

The campgrounds are not included in the closed list.
I am phoning the local office in the morning as the main office could not give a definative answer open/closed.
All good, it will not bother us. We may have to check on which trails are still open on the 24th
Hi Bruce.
For me it will be a "on the day" decision as to going on the day trips.
I will be arriving on the afternoon of the 23 and will look for suitable space for us. I will need access to the sun for charging so will not be backed up to trees (unless they are on the south side)
As of a few days ago there was only 8 sites booked in the whole camp ground.
Don't want to be a damp squid but has anybody looked at the weather forcast?
Not sure how the rain will effect the crossings.


Day 25° / 18°
POP 90%
Wind 13 S
wind gusts 20
Rain 10-15mm


20° 17°
POP 90%
9 S
Gusts 13
RAIN 25 - 30mm


19° /16°
13 SE
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Thought the link would look better than the previous post did.
Don't want to be a damp squid but has anybody looked at the weather forcast?
Not sure how the rain will effect the crossings.
See link.

Shades of a previous muster near a lake, forgot which one but it rained most of the muster.
Bring wellies, unbrella, book, hot drinks and a smile.
Your up early Bruce.
See you there. I will try and find a spot with some access to the sky, hope my 120 Ah battery will last. I will see if I can find a spare car battery to use and try to work out how to get 8mm screw terminals to fit lead pus on ones.🤞
I guess I go home when it dies. :(
Sorry guys, my wife has just pulled the plug on our camping.
Have a great time.
Wish I was allowed to join you. :cry:
Maybe next muster. 🤞
Glad you made a go of it, with all the prelim work you did.
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