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Treg Muster NSW Australia and beyond

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Anyone up for another muster?
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Well…reckon it would be next year. Takes a while regards momentum ..Will see how much interest.
Will throw out some ideas. Please contribute.
  • Flinders Ranges..with extension to Oodnadatta for those interested.
  • Snowy Mts over with no snow!
  • Wander up the the Great Divide finding as much gravel road as possible with short get togethers at various sites for those who can’t come for the week.

Sort of like the idea of an extended trip say 5 to 7 days but with sites and places others can join if they cant do the the whole trip. Maybe even mini Treg Musters getting to the main one. Eg: those from Queensland coming via Great Divide to join say the main one in the Snowy!
I am based in Sydney.
Ps Thank you Drag Line. Stormin Norman is still healthy…thanks to your help.
Yep I agree. Like cabins myself. I figure I can sleep in the average caravan park cabin for 400 or so nights for the cost of a van. Sort of thinking Invergordon near Barrington as a possible first stop..Stop for two days..some can do trails, some can just socialize..then ,pardon the pun, the Caravan moves on maybe to New Engalnd National Park via Macleay River road Kempsey to Armidale road. Same again..Couple of days..Exploring or socializing in trout farm on tje River Styx…
Just dreaming!
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Let's go!
We should do at least a day, overnight trip around Sydney this year
Been hoping you would reply Singh.
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Or like us you could buy the van AND spend 400+ nights in it to get ya money's worth!
Yep ..then drag something around diminishes my fuel economy, register, store it and insure it . Tempting! Besides a can’t even park a small boat trailer!
So..No more suggestions of where or when. Still reckon next year may be autumn. It will be accessible by well maintained tar or dirt road with some off road for those who want to.
Just to frame some questions
Where yall from? So we can post a Treg site not to arduous to get to!
School holidays or non school holidays re kids?
Remote site with vans, trailers or remotish caravan park with better facilities? I am set up to comfortably camp off road..but happy to get in to cabin.

Please post any otjer considerations or destination suggestions…So far round Sydney Upper Hunter area re Singh, Dragline and myself.
I'm from Sydney. Don't have a van either. Not too fussed about accommodation. We've got 3 kids, so if it's not gonna be in school holidays, we'll just join for a weekend.
Looking forward to some offroad action.
Got the same..It is black so a little scratched off road. Took 12 months for me to find it.
Seeing you're keeping the ball in play, if you havent already done so, do a search on past "Treg Musters" to see where previous muster groups have been over the past 8 years or so,
Some may prefer to explore new grounds......

Thank you. I went to the Bega muster.
Thank you. I went to the Bega muster.
A new metric..motel nights. Thank you.
Sorry Bruce, I apologise but I do not remember you.
Was it you that came for the day only and you had a nice black 7L with wrap(?) on the sides.

Yes…but I was there for two nights. Wrap is fridge magnet material to stop scratching only when offroad.
Stops about 80 to 90% of scratching. Cost me $210 for 10 metres. On the weird side but it works.
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So I can find some nice remote caravan parks near rivers. No cabins unfortunately. The other thing I am struggling with is offroad routes.
2 options.
Invergordon at the foot of Gloucester Tops. Stunning area. Dead end dirt trail up the mountain for about 12 kms Not off road off road.
Lostock Dam with hearby short route and back up the Allyn River. Not off road off road.
So far more short touring on dirt roads.
Happy to have suggestions round Sydney Newcastle at this point. Dragline any thoughts?
Try these in NSW. Some are commercial but they offer access to some harder grades than can be easily found in the free world. Sort of trying to cater to all tastes.
The Dowling Track
Ado’s 4WD course
Levuka Rainforest Recreation Park
Stockton Beach if you want sand instead of rocks
The Bridle Track
the England Track
Lobs Hole Ravine Trail
the Barrington Trail

In addition to the tracks there are options to stay on various private properties that can be sourced through sites like hipcamp. It expands the options .........
Thank you.
Barrington Track I believe is close to Gloucester Tops..but is a dead end track. That is one way back to Gloucester Tops. Might be enough.
Hi I’m based in Adelaide. Just bought my first Touareg so would like to mix with long term owners and learn more about vehicle. Happy to go off-road but hate mud. Would probably bring my van due to travel distance involved. Retired so flexible on timing. Mike
Thank you…it is all we have now just rains here
The road maybe unsealed ..depending where we not terrible. The offroad may have mud but I reckon you will find someone to go with without taking your own car.
There is a lot of experince. I am pretty non mechanical but Singh, Dragline and I think Seafarer28 are people have huge knowledge on the cars.
Please come. As I mentioned if you dont want to get car muddy hitch a lift. of the sites I favour has about four or so fords..but normally crystal clear mountain water.
I'm retired and based near ACT. My wife and I have a poptop caravan and are travelling to southern WA in autumn next year, then up to northern WA and NT for winter, then back down to SA for spring.

Depending on where we are during that trip, I'd be happy to park the caravan somewhere and catch up at some place for a day trip then back to the caravan for the night. The Flinders ranges sounds nice. We plan to look around there at some stage.

I've been bogged many times through my previous work so I'm not willing to go through all that again. Hence, I'm interested in gravel roads but not mud and sand. AT tyres are not wonderful in mud …so I concur..I sort a just want gravel to tell you the tuth.
If it gets a little bit more hardcore then hitch a lift with someone in their car. Should be able to tell how offroad it may get before hand. It will be a caravan park..Maybe not 4 star but it will have facilities
I am leaning towards the Gloucester Tops caravan park. No cabins there. Thought there were. Normal C park otherwise set on a mountain river. F Book listing only Gloucester Tops Riverside Caravan Park.

Those whom are more adventurous can do the Barrington Trail or Mountain Road. Takes you over to Scone if you want to down a round trip if it is open. Would take a good day. Those not can simply go up and back the Gloucester Tops Trail which is basically gravel.

i will go up and stay a night sometime in the next month or so and make sure it is a good option.
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Let me know if you would like company when you check it out. I have a few things coming up but if I am free I am always up for a day or two away in the camper.
Thank you . Will keep thst in mind

Thank you . Will keep thst in mind
Snooksie Is the dates of Friday the 25th and 26th of November ok to meet at Gloucester,Tops Caravan Park.
Can make it latish round 5.30 on the Friday, then do a bit of an explore on the Saturday!
Unfortunately the road from Gloucester to Scone over Barrington Tops is still closed from mud slides but there is areas like Ladies Well etc to have a look at plus up Gloucester Tops Road itself.
Sorry but I am away camping from 18/11 to 2/12
Good on you. No problems.
So, did go up to Gloucester Tops and spent 2 nights in the caravan park. Nice park. So I am thinking of mid to late March for say 2 to 3 nights with those who can only come over one night still invited. Will reserve sites for older members and those with families.


There is a secondi option up the road in the National Park which is an even prettier site.

So will take an informal vote on which one.

Advantages of the C Park: It has, toilets showers and laundry. Has some pwered sites. Coukd take up to 80 or 90 campsites including vans and trailers.
Disadvantages of C Park: these facilities are about 150 metres from the nearest large camp area and BBQ areas are basically non existent. Other disadvantages is that you are amongst some permanent cabins.

Advantages of the National Park Camp Ground: Stunning spot amongst trees. Has toilets with fair access with good set up for covered cooking areas and tables. My estimate is it can take over 20 campsites in and around including trailers and caravans.
Disadvantages of Nat Park Campsite: No showers or laundry.

So if you could vote which site and nominate a long weekend or so in mid to late March.

PS Mozzies were not terrible but will need loose long clothes!
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