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Treg Muster NSW Australia and beyond

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Anyone up for another muster?
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Definitely interested. I'm Sydney based with a camper trailer
I am leaning towards the Gloucester Tops caravan park. No cabins there. Thought there were. Normal C park otherwise set on a mountain river. F Book listing only Gloucester Tops Riverside Caravan Park.

Those whom are more adventurous can do the Barrington Trail or Mountain Road. Takes you over to Scone if you want to down a round trip if it is open. Would take a good day. Those not can simply go up and back the Gloucester Tops Trail which is basically gravel.

i will go up and stay a night sometime in the next month or so and make sure it is a good option.
Let me know if you would like company when you check it out. I have a few things coming up but if I am free I am always up for a day or two away in the camper.
Snooksie Is the dates of Friday the 25th and 26th of November ok to meet at Gloucester,Tops Caravan Park.
Can make it latish round 5.30 on the Friday, then do a bit of an explore on the Saturday!
Unfortunately the road from Gloucester to Scone over Barrington Tops is still closed from mud slides but there is areas like Ladies Well etc to have a look at plus up Gloucester Tops Road itself.
Sorry but I am away camping from 18/11 to 2/12
I have booked in for the 3 nights 24-26 March in the Gloucester River Campground.
Gerald and Megan Smith
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We are heading there Thursday so see you all when you get there
1 - 5 of 117 Posts