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How long can the Treg be garaged without being driven--and without even being started--before the battery runs down and the settings are lost? My dealer said "two weeks, maybe more, we're not sure." Anyone have a more cogent thought?

Dealer tells me that locking the doors will assure minumum drain on the battery, but that's not too reassuring when I have to be away for a month and may not be able to find someone to run the car periodically. A trickle charger won't work because it requires an open hood, which is not possible with the doors locked--and if the doors aren't locked the battery runs down (according to the dealer) trickle charge or not. If the battery runs down, the car has to be towed to the dealer for all its seetings to be reset. An unappealing prospect.

Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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