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How long can the Treg be garaged without being driven--and without even being started--before the battery runs down and the settings are lost? My dealer said "two weeks, maybe more, we're not sure." Anyone have a more cogent thought?

Dealer tells me that locking the doors will assure minumum drain on the battery, but that's not too reassuring when I have to be away for a month and may not be able to find someone to run the car periodically. A trickle charger won't work because it requires an open hood, which is not possible with the doors locked--and if the doors aren't locked the battery runs down (according to the dealer) trickle charge or not. If the battery runs down, the car has to be towed to the dealer for all its seetings to be reset. An unappealing prospect.

Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Towed to the dealer for the settings to be reset? Where in the world did you get that information.
I'd say go out on a limb and just put it in the garage and come back in a month and see if the thing runs. I think you may be okay.
The car should last for a month without the battery draining. I've left the car in the garage for over 2 weeks (with a phone carger plugged in) and the car started right up.
If the car is dead then call the free VW roadside assistance have have them come and give you a jump.
battery charge

your battery will be fine. i live in germany and went to the states for a little over a month, when i came back my charge was fine, no settings lost.
It was my VW dealer who told me about the tow to get the settings reset. Hmmm...

Thanks to everyone for the responses.

had the similar problem, left my mobile charger plug into the rear socket, for 2 days, went to start it a totaly flat

VW assist avised buying a mobile charging unit to get me going early in the morning, then when VW assist are availble they come and reset the system , then adivse going to see the loverly VW Luxury Car specialist

Not to impressed but still a loverly beast to drive

batt. storage

If read some grimm replies that makes one wonder if some peoples mouths and brains are conected !!
VW installed a system in Touareg and Pheaton which they called on-board power supply (OPS). The OPS monitor the power supply of the vehicle at all times, and will chut down power supply to components according to priority. It chould never let the battery loses power to lower than 9volts. If in such a case there could be a faulty battery - insufficiently charged battery - external source that drains the battery or and fault OPS controle unit who allows power to be drained to below 9volts.
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