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Hoping someone in this community can shed some light on the differences between valve bodies found in the TR60SN 09D transmission. My car is actually a 2004 Porsche Cayenne Turbo, although the Porsche forums are quite unhelpful and the cars gearbox is pretty much identical to the Touareg.

There are three visually different types of valve body that can be found in these cars (pictured below)
Machine Automotive wheel system Auto part Engineering Gas
Font Automotive tire Gas Motor vehicle Engineering

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Font Automotive design Automotive exterior

As you can see, this 'port' differs between valve bodies, but there's very little information anywhere on how to know which units are compatible with which cars. My genuine part number is 955 325 039 00 . I ordered a remanufactured valve body with this part number and received a '3 port' variant as pictured above. While I've not yet removed my old valve body, I strongly suspect it is the first variant with no additional 'port' as I've seen this in photos from other old Cayenne's like mine.

What I'm trying to understand is if the '3 port' version will work with my car, or if this is an updated part number which won't actually work. Any help here would be appreciated, this stuff is very confusing and difficult to make sense of.
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