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Afternoon, all.
The beast went in to John Oxley Motors (VW dealer) at Port Macquarie last Thursday to have the 'towing module' fitted. An all day job as the existing wiring harness and HR module had to be removed. When the wiring harness was removed two wires on the 12 pin flat plug were found to be swinging in the breeze inside the car. They were the power source for the fridge in the van. Previous owner probably wondered why the fridge didn't get / stay cold while they were driving. So much for aftermarket installation and fitting.
Picked up the car late in the afternoon, drove home, parked it and haven't used it for a couple of days. Put it in reverse Monday to move the car - guess what - no reversing camera or proximity sensors. Back down to Port Macquarie today to sort the problem out. The module apparently did not accept the 'reprogramming' last week.
Two hours this morning, ready to go, Maureen took it across the road to Watson's Caravans who hooked a van up to check all was well. No problems, everything working. Checked it on our van and all okay.
Even after this issue, I am still happy to praise John Oxley Motors for their previous work on our cars and will keep going to them while vehicle is under warranty.
Time to hook the white whale up to the Treg and disappear for a few days.
Again thanks to everyone for your input on my previous post.
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