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Touareg T1: another battery isssue

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Here is the thing:
battery is charged via a cteck charger mxs 5.0.
Charger is at stage 7.
You open the door and battery is showing 14volts.
you turn the key to ACC position and the battery starts draining fast going lower than 10volts !!
I don't have the battery history so it might be just a dead battery but it was fine last august and the car has been sitting in a garage since without the charger. The only issue it had was the htird light was on for 2 weeks for no reason and wouldn't shutdown even if you lock the car. This was then repaired.
So either the repair caused a leak somewhere or the battery is dead.
I will let the battery connected to the charger for a few days and then start hunting for the leak or replace the battery.
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Cteck charger was showing stage 7. Disconnected the charger. waiteda few minutes and bam down to 10v.
I will use the recondition mode and see how it goes.
To answer some of the questions:
Yes I know how to change the battery.
Yes I know the charger is not for starting the car.

Looks like the third brake light being on for 2 weeks drained it. The battery does start the car though.
Another issue I have is the odometer, only the gages (km, rpm) do not light up when I put on the lights.
Probably the guy who repaired the third bake light killed the odometer. I was not there when the repair was done so not sure.
According to ETKA battery is: 000915105DG = 72AH/380A => 182€
Eco version is: JZW915105B => 85AH/400A => 136€
You have different versions of course plus the two battery setup.

and you have a nice warning for the VW technician:

It has been determined that, in more
than 25% of cases, the sealing plug for
the battery degassing opening-
has not been fitted.
Please inform the installer/customer
that the sealing plug that is sprayed on
at the positive pole protective cap
must be fitted correctly.
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end of the day battery is dying.
What do you guys advice as a 'long term' storage battery?
I'm thinking of getting a varta.
Treg will not be used much and battery tender will be connected permanently when stored.
Thank you guys. I'm in France and the battery is not a VW one. The battery does start the car fine at 10v. I will be getting a Varta soon. I have found two compatible batteries on varta web site.
Silver Dynamic 577400078 => arount 100€
Model: 577 400 078
Capacity: 77 Ah
CCA: 780 A
Width: 175 mm
Length: 278 mm
Height: 190 mm

Silver Dynamic AGM 570901076 => arount 140€
Model: 570 901 076
Capacity: 70 Ah
CCA: 760 A
Width: 175 mm
Length: 278 mm
Height: 190 mm
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question is: flooded lead acid or agm?
Treg is sitting most of the time in the garage with a cteck charger mxs5.0.
2000 km a year at most.
Just found this interesting info here Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Battery Information - Battery University :

As with all gelled and sealed units, AGM batteries are sensitive to overcharging. A charge to 2.40V/cell (and higher) is fine; however, the float charge should be reduced to between 2.25 and 2.30V/cell (summer temperatures may require lower voltages). Automotive charging systems for flooded lead acid often have a fixed float voltage setting of 14.40V (2.40V/cell); a direct replacement with a sealed unit could overcharge the battery on a long drive.

Not sure how exact this is. Treg Battery meter (charger/alternator) shows up to 16v !! And is constantly at 14v when driving.
Oem Battery is lead acid so is it safe to go AGM if the véhicule charging system was not designed for an AGM battery?
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The Varta Silver Dynamic AGM 570 901 076 (Short code E39) arrived yesterday from belgium (ebay) at 147€ delivered. 20 Kg.
Any infos on how to get the production date from the codes on the battery?
I asked google yesterday when I got the battery but no luck. No color coding on the battery. There are some codes but I couldn't find any info on decoding them.
here is one on the top : Varta Code A 26 E39 710 N65 with a QR code with the same info.
Then there is this: 570901076 D85 2 (up to 076 is the long code of tha battery. I don't know about D85 2.
On the top sticker I have this: RA 609 805
On the side sticker I have this: RA 609 793
Printed on the plastic on the side:
16 017 2 3
17 42 1 2813 F
with a tiny QR code I couldn't read with the iphone.
On the bottom printed on the plastic:
0099 10

Of course I sent an email to Varta :) and I got two replies, one was from a guy saying I'm out of the office and the other was from the mail server saying the guy is no longer working here :)
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It should be embossed on the top of the negative pole of the battery. It's in WW/YY format (WW - week number, YY - year). Original Varta branded batteries are also supposedly color coded as already written above, however, in my experience the color label might not be present on rebranded or OEM batteries.
Already checked that. Nothing on the poles. Battery is new and clean. Well packaged, Not in an original Varta branded package though.
So no color, no indication on any of the poles. just the codes I wrote above.
Battery voltage as of yesterday is 12.76v
Will check tonight.
Ok will check that. Thanks.
I managed to read the code with an iphone app 'i-nigma'. The content is the same as what I posted earlier:
Found the date :) I should have looked closer on the bottom side. There are two gauge style markings engraved in the plastic. One for months and one for years with a needle pointing to month and year. The battery was manufactured on septembre 2017. So It is a new good battery. It looks new and the seller confirmed but I wanted to make sure. I found the info on a german forum. pic coming.
First time I looked at the bottom I thought those circles were for some plastic chemical info or something like that !!
This coding is brilliant ! No decoding voodoo :)
Heheee I hear you ! but i meant the coding not the spot they chose to put it on. The markings are inside a square which protects them from being erazed. On a second thought they could just have marked the date on the top with the other infos instead of putting it in a guage style. But I guess they don't want you to see it easily as batteries take some time to sell. Well at least with the markings you see which month and which year right there instead of trying to guess from some numbers or tables. I have to say I did lose some time searching before I found it. I didn't want to send the battery to be put in the Treg before I get the exact manfatcure date. so now I know.
Ahaaa ! You really want me to waste more time looking for the answer there :)
You're right ! Might be just the box manufacturing !!!! Anyway I sent an email to Varta and will wait for them to reply but I don't think they would go into the trouble of marking the plastic box manufacture date !
Did some more searching and it looks like the markings are for the battery housing production date and are not put there by Varta !!! The positive note, in my case, is if the plastic housing was made in septembre 2017 it means the battery was manufactured/assembled/filled later unless the date was put there by a supplier later on to make the battery look newer but that's far fetched I guess ! Let's wait for the varta guy to reply and then I'll clarify all this :)
Based on VAG parts markings I see, my guess is that really is the date the plastic was moulded. Good news really as that means your battery is even newer.
Hope so :)
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