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We've been a Subaru only household for nearly 20 years. recent empty nesters, we decided to up our adventure factor with a light weight toy hauler RV. It is a 2019 Travel Lite Falcon F-23TH. Dry weight is 3,100lbs, tongue weight is 330. No Subaru past or present can pull that!

I've looked at just about all tow vehicles options I could think of, plenty of research. Thought we were going to go with a late 2000's Pathfinder or 4Runner. One of the used car dealers where we test drove an '08 Pathfinder had a Mercedes GL-350. I was blown away when I read the towing capacity of that unit, but it was a little rough and needed some work. So we started looking at Diesel SUVs, test drove two more GL-350s and then stumbled up the glorious Touareg Diesel beast.

We drove quite a few, from an '09 to a '12. Decided on an '11 Touareg Sport and will be picking it up this Saturday (12/07/19).

We are really excited to be joining the Touareg family!

I have a few questions.

1. This unit does NOT have the factory hitch. I would be installing an aftermarket unit (Curt, Reese or other). Any specific recommendations?

2. Is the vehicle already wired for towing, lights, trailer brakes, etc?

3. Best recommendation on a brake controller? I'm a tech geek and the CURT 51180 Echo Mobile Bluetooth controller seems pretty gee whiz cool. Pros and Cons?

4. I've read part way through the towing thread, seems like best recommendation is NOT to install weight distribution and/or sway control?

Showroom Pic of our Touareg.
2011 with 109k miles, Dieselgate update performed in July of 2019.


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