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have several problems to the touareg 2,5 tdi r5 128kw 05 mod.
heavy on steering, viper stop working, esp light came on, issues with the hight level controler, a headlight is turning on/off like it has a nerveous brakedown. just finish with the engine, changed camshaft, rockerarms valves etc etc but still it have like a sound from an 1 sylinder boat in the trothle body, egr valve like it shooting bom bom bom bom in a steady order and rise with the valve on the engine!!! some time the the light from the airsuspension turn on while driving, then have to pull over and stop and start the car again and its ok for å while, depend on if driving steady or speed up the in happen regulary. what in the world is going on with the car??????
i bought a hex-v2 vcds so i will troubleshoot the car and post the fault codes later today, still have a nice day and talk later
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