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Touareg built in Nokia 6310i

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In Europe you can order the Touareg with Built in Nokia 6310i.
In its external version the 6310i is Bluetooth enabled. Using the cell phone you can connect with a PDA (e.g. HP4150) to the Internet over GPRS, and make a VPN connection with your work Server to synchronize with your own mailbox.
My question is if the built in version of the 6310i proposed by VW is also Bluetooth enabled. If yes I could use this one to connect to the server.
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T-Reg Wiz said:
no.. the phone doesn´t come with the car, you must have it already, and the car hasn´t got bluetooth, the phone does.. the phone comunicates with the car via the holder
I have my Treg nou since 4 weeks and it had the factory 6310i carkit WITH a sepparate Nokia 6310i phone.
This phone is Bluetooth enabled!!
dentmac said:
Where is the microphone exactly. Is it the same one as for On Star ?
I really don't know where the microphone is... It could be placed somewhere by the rearview mirror....
What is On Star?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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