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Touareg built in Nokia 6310i

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In Europe you can order the Touareg with Built in Nokia 6310i.
In its external version the 6310i is Bluetooth enabled. Using the cell phone you can connect with a PDA (e.g. HP4150) to the Internet over GPRS, and make a VPN connection with your work Server to synchronize with your own mailbox.
My question is if the built in version of the 6310i proposed by VW is also Bluetooth enabled. If yes I could use this one to connect to the server.
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In Europe, do you also get the phone when you order the phone option with the car or just the interface, holder and control box? From other posts on German discussion forums, I am under the impression that you don't get the phone. This would mean that you would supply your own 6310i and it would have it's own bluetooth interface.

I don't think that the 6310i actually uses bluetooth to comunicate with the car though.
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