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Touareg built in Nokia 6310i

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In Europe you can order the Touareg with Built in Nokia 6310i.
In its external version the 6310i is Bluetooth enabled. Using the cell phone you can connect with a PDA (e.g. HP4150) to the Internet over GPRS, and make a VPN connection with your work Server to synchronize with your own mailbox.
My question is if the built in version of the 6310i proposed by VW is also Bluetooth enabled. If yes I could use this one to connect to the server.
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Where is the microphone exactly. Is it the same one as for On Star ?
On Star is a North American cell/sat sytem designed by GM and now in over million vehicles . Like emerg cell phone but has capabilities of tracking car (great in theft and some ins co. reduce rates slightly) Members can for example get hotel reservations on route (at good rates) , signal is put out if airbags inflate and car can be remotely unlocked .
I'm curious as to mic location as it may be in all vehicles even though here in Canada, no phone integration is available. (My Audi had the mic in the left pillar) North American cars also are without motion detector, anti-tow alarm, keyless start,rear fog light ,5 second delay on extra windshield wiper sweep after washer, passenger airbag turn off, automatic service indicator .
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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