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Touareg and RFI

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I doubt there are any other licensed amateur radio operators on Club Touareg. But, I'll chance this as there might be someone with experience in this area (possibly land mobile or?).

Oh, RFI stands for Radio Frequency Interference as in a strong radio signal interfering with operation of another electronic device. Typically this occurs because the manufacture of the effected device failed to provide adequate shielding, grounding, or left out 50 cents worth of parts to prevent the problem.

The Touareg manual mentions that a radio transmitter of up to 10 watts output power can be installed in a Touareg. Has anyone tried a 100 watt transmitter (HF or VHF) and if so what was your experience? Did your Touareg still function? If you had problems did you resolve them and if so how??

Curious as I am considering installing a 100 watt amateur radio tranciever in my Touareg, but do not want to waste the time and effort if there are major issues that cannot be overcome.

73 (amateur radio slang for best wishes)
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I've used my handie-talkie and my mobile mount (with 1/4 wave magnet mount) without issues.

I tried to install a wireless rear view camera, and had tons of RFI. Added grounding and changing antenna orientation and position had no positive effect. Hardwired instead.

Check out the specs on the dynamic antenna array for the stereo. Nice.

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