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Hello guys !

First of all, excuse my english, as it is not my native language.

I have a Touareg 2011 3.0 TDI and since 1k km i started to hear some noises, all related to the steering wheel i suppose. Now i have 97k km with my car

1. After i start the engine, a noise like a fan starts from under the steering (everything is turned OFF - A/C, radio etc). I will add a link with a video where you can hear that sound. In the video there are moments when you cannot hear the sound, as i turn a little the steering wheel to the right and left. After i release the steering, the sound comes back - VIDEO 1 - 1.mp4?dl=0

2. The second noise that i noticed has started in the same time as that fan noise appeared under the steering. When i increase the speed at around 30-50km/h (doesnt matter if i press hard or not the gas pedal) a noise appears. The noise appears in the Video 2 at the seconds: 8, 15 and 23. I kept testing to see when this noise appears and i noticed that when i turn the steering to the right or left and i reach the speed of 30-50km/h, the noise never appears. The noise only appears when i drive in straight line. I also added a video with this noise - VIDEO 2 - 2.mp4?dl=0

I was at the shop with the car, and the VW mechanics said that they dont know what can be the problem. They checked the steering pump and some pipelines and they said everything is fine. They said that maybe is something from the transmission and they updated the trans, but that didnt solve the problem.

After around 1 week after i left the VW shop, the things got a little bit worse as now i hear some more noises from the steering (when at idle in P/N and slowly reving, i can hear a noise coming directly from the steering wheel... More than that, it seems that this noise i can also hear it when i drive the car, even when i reach speeds of 70-80km/h. Also since a week ago i have a hard shake in the steering at speeds above 110-120km/h

I suppose all these additional problems arise because of the initial problems...

Looking forward for some ideas of what can be the problem

Thanks guys
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