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Tire Pressure

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After traffic school today, I started the touareg. Warning light came on the MFI. Checked vehicle status. It said to check tire pressure. I went to the tire pressure monitor. Showed a warning on the rear left tire.

Got out and checked the tire. It seemed fine. Drove 2 miles to a buddy's house. About 1/2 mile into the drive, the warning went away. We checked the tire - its fine.

Now the system says everything is Aye OK.

Is this the TPMS problem that people keep mentioning?
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This happened again tonight on my way out to dinner.

Left rear tire again. And, again, no apparent problems with the tire after an examination.

I'll have the dealer take a look.

Anyone from so cal recommend a good dealer?
Update: Made an appointment with McKenna VW in Huntington Beach - Hope all goes well
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