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Just for info, I had ongoing problems with my tire pressure gauges on a 04 V6. Checked, replaced, etc. nothing seemed to take away the error, though all looked like it was in working order.

In short, after a very long electrical search, pulling out every wire, relay, box you can possibly imagine, my electrician says it is one of the computer control blocs that is not working properly.

He says it is affecting not only the tire pressure fault light in the dash, but also a lamp out light (for the tiny yellow RT front light next to the headlights). So, all is working properly, except the box which gives the error in the dash. The box is a 1k USD part new, special order.

Also *possibly* related was a passenger air bag error, which was fixed by pulling out one of the air bag relays - actually maybe not a relay, but it is an electrical box about the size of two matchboxes and looks a heck of a lot like a relay. I am told is not replaced, only removed completely, and that the air bag is fine.

Anyone have similar experience with the air bag? Am i risking my passenger's safety?

I have decided to live with the little beep at startup and the flashing icon.

Hope this saves someone some trouble.
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