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Thought I'd leave a quick post on advice when replacing the front blower motor on a T3 as it seems a bit harder than with the T2. My 2012 LUX blower motor started shutting off on high speed (max defrost on) so I knew the blower was getting towards the end of its 4 year lifespan (pretty sad VW.)

Anyway, I found a replacement on eBay through a salvage car for $85 and it took about 1.5 hours. Most of which came figuring out there was more involved than the write ups for the T1 and T2.

Didn't take pics but it isn't that hard. If you look up "Q7 blower fan" you will find a good YouTube video on disassembly of the passenger side footwell roof and glove compartment. The T3 is very similar.

Further advice would be:

1. Get a cooler to push up against the door opening to lay back on when you're in that footwell.

2. Remove the glove compartment before trying to get at the housing. (Watch the above YouTube vid.) The whole job is much easier with that glove compartment out of the way. Just remove the one connector you can and then lay it on its side as far out of the way as you can in the footwell.

3. Just like with the T3, there are 7 screws to remove on the housing and then it just falls out.

4. When reassembling, watch out for the wires towards the bottom of the assembly. They could easily get sqeezed into the fan housing on reassembly which wouldn't be good for the fan or the wires.

5. You'll need a 5.5mm socket driver. I didn't find 6mm to work.

6. As soon as you get the first few screws started and the fan in place and connected, start the car and see how it works. That way if there is an issue you don't have to disassemble twice.

Hope this helps someone!
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