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I was in a similar position to you, I sold a V8 Grand Cherokee and purchased a 2013 4Motion Touareg.

The lack of a low range transfer case and locking diffs concerned me a lot, but to be honest with all the electronics on board I don't think you really need them anymore. First gear in the 8 speed is damn low and the grunt from the 180Kw diesel really negates the need for low range in my view.

The air suspension is terrific, I also tow a caravan and the self leveling is superb.

After a few trips and some off road travel I have grown to feel confident that these rigs are damn capable. It does feel a little weird not having a low range but i think that stems from the old guys and their definition of soft roaders.

The biggest issue is always going to be road tires.....
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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