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desert2ride said:

i checked that as well as several threads at vwvortex forum. i can't believe how many people actually have this problem - its amazing. we're talking about a $53k car!

among other cars i have owned BMW's, a Mercedes and a Porsche in the past - never have i had such a bad experience!

at this point i have lost total faith in this car and the VW dealer. has anyone actually ever successfully returned their car to VW and got their money back under the lemon law?
I had already 8 VW's and never had problems like this !! I have always been very happy with my cars and dealers and hope I will be happy once I get my Touareg at the end of this year.

Try an Alfa Romeo, Fiat or Lancia (Italian cars)) if you want to have trouble with a car.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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