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Hi.. here is the set up
Reese WDH
24" at rear of BH17 and 24 at front
1/2 inch difference between front fender and rear fender of t/v
88% difference between GAWR fron and GAWR rear ratings no trailer
87.5 % Difference with trailer attached.
Looking good so far?
here are some numbers that confuse me
From Loves T/S driver

Steer Axle = 2540
Drive Axle = 2900
Trailer Axle = 3960
When weighing JUST the TRAILER..
Tongue = 680
Trailer = 3760
1st Question - this is all dry weights - does this seem rather heavy on the tongue? Especially considering the (empty) fresh water is in front of the first axle..?
2nd Question Why is there exactly 200 lbs difference on trailer axles when discoed from the t/v? Can I assume the 200 lbs is coming OFF the tongue? I kinda hope so ...

Second trip to scale for just the tv

curb weight on tow -rag
w/o driver
steering - 2520
Drive - 2380
Gross - 4900

so using the first visit's numbers I have added only 20 lbs to my steering, 520 lbs on the drives and 200 on the trailers tandems.
this is all done with what visually seems the perfect balance. (24" clearance on front and back of trailer and 1/2 " difference between front fender well and rear. By the way I just measured the fender well heights of the car sitting the the garage.. same numbers.
This set-up is using what I think is minimum lift on the wd bars. Only using the second link.

Do you see anything I am missing? or am I off to a good start. Oh yea this is leaving me with between 700 and 800 lbs for cargo and passengers which I will never hit.


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Do i see anything you are missing ?


Sorry but you are looking or worrying about all the wrong things

Bloody (not a swear word just Oz language) get out and enjoy yourself

And please send photos

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