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I debated whether to place this in the other forum, but really it fitting for general discussion. The focus is on the current production==cars that were delivered in the last 3 months. What are the recurring issues?

First I should say that my V8 is one month old. It has gone back and forth between SF and Idaho twice and had one other significant trip so that it already has 3000 miles. The car is a delight to drive. It has the road composure of the S class Mercedes. Indeed keeping the speed below 85 is next to impossible. For our use--long drives across Nevada--it is definitely a better car than the Cayenne, which is too stiff and nervous for that use (besides I already have a couple of sports cars if tossing around is to be the order of the day).

Mechanically the car has been perfect. All glitches have been "MFI display" types. First there was an erroneous "workshop" warning about the 4 wheel drive. Turned out to be a faulty error message from the stepper motor. Now two more have turned up. An erroneous tire pressure warning and an airbag warning. The car goes in for those next week.

Here is the question: are these endemic glitches? In effect do a good portion of the current production cars have them? The dealer already assures me that every one of these they have seen and fixed before. If that is the case, what else should we be looking out for????? I had them look at the list of the TSBs by VIN number and there is nothing more to do. Nonetheless I sure would like to drop the car off and have "the current catalogue of known problems" addressed.

What else should be on the list????

Second does the group things are getting better from where they were when the car first hit the market?

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