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Just for a lark.

The car is gorgeous inside and out. The super & turbo charged 2.0L can move the thing very quickly. Ride is reasonably smooth and quiet for a crossover. The tester was loaded, including air suspension.

The digital driver display and huge touchscreen really turn me off. Talk about too much information & complexity. The tach and speedo “needles” are a little laggy, especially the dial sweep at startup. Not smooth. The huge center touchscreen is like using a laggy tablet. Dozens of selection “tiles” identified with fairly small type and icons (I was thinking of the Griswold’s Prancer in the National Lampoon’s Vacation remake - no swastika icon though). The salesman was trying to show me something using the touchscreen and it stopped responding for like 5 seconds. He made a little joke about “Computers”. I’m sure I’d get used to it but it seems very distracting to the driver.

The $3000+ B&W sound system was ok but I like VW’s Fender system better.

It has auto stop/start. Thankfully it can be disabled. I was making a left turn into traffic and it stopped and when I saw my opening I mashed the go pedal and it took 2-3 seconds to do anything. I was thinking T-Boned on a Demo Drive! Lol. I would probably permanently disable that feature.

Getting back into my Alltrack I was newly appreciative of VW’s clean driver display design and the relative simplicity and logic of all the controls. There’s no substitute for hard buttons and knobs — They’re much less distracting. VW’s touchscreen system in the Golf may not be as flashy but it’s way more user friendly.

OK that’s my Volvo report.

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Thanks for your review. I have to agree I am not a fan of the “tablet” dashboard look. Its lovely in a showroom, not so lovely when starting up on a cold morning.
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