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I can't help myself, I have to do things my own way. So, in this case, I installed the Curt trailer hitch on my '04 Touareg (instead of the crazy-expensive VW one). And then I installed the Tekonsha Prodigy IQ myself, tapping into the Treg's brake switch in the driver's footwell and availing myself of the factory harness in the same footwell for 12V, Ground, and blue Electric Brake wires (that blue one runs nicely to a green connector in the Treg's rear passenger-side cargo area).

I also bought the Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring for the Treg from The T-One connectors in this kit plug nicely into the existing brake/turn signal plugs in the right and left tail light assemblies, ground to any bolt or screw you care to sand to bare metal, and provide for 12V from the battery. First rate!

From there, I brought all the wires (blue Elec. Brake wire from the green connector in the cargo area, four brake/turn wires from the T-One, 12V wire) to a Hopkins 7-way vehicle end connector. Wired them up per diagrams available on etrailer as to which connector is what (brake light, turn signal, etc.).

It all works beautifully and gives no warning lights, alarm-bell dings, or other idiosyncratic Touareg "I'm Not Happy" indicators. No, it doesn't have the factory tow-controller's integration into the Touareg's stability program for "trailer sway control" so you will have to use your own OEM trailer sway control built into your hands and eyeballs.

On the plus side, however, the whole set-up saved me about a billion dollars compared to the factory parts. Okay, maybe that's high. But my total came to about $350, including the Tekonsha controller that you'd need either way. As best I could tell, the factory stuff would've cost $1500+ (it's hard to tell, because I couldn't get a definitive fix on what parts come with what kits; it could be more!). And installing the factory stuff would've required WAY more taking-the-interior-apart work (especially in the rear cargo area).

Unfortunately I didn't snap any photos -- sorry! -- but if anyone has questions feel free to post them or PM me. If you don't have the factory "tow-prep", this setup still works fine. You'll just have to get 12V and Gnd for your Tekonsha a different way, and run your own blue Elec. Brake wire to the rear of the Treg. No biggie!

Thanks Club Touareg for all the threads covering this subject. I pieced them together and it all works swimmingly! :cool:
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