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T3 TPMS Options

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This thread is to accumulate information regarding TPMS sensors for the T3 2011-2013+ Touaregs.

I have a set of 18" rims that do not have TMPS installed. I am going to mount some winter tires and want to add TPMS.
Not going OEM, just wondering what the experience has been with the much less expensive generic options before I order a set.

I think this is the OEM VW part number? 7P0-907-275

There are a number of choices out there.
Any experience you are willing to share would be helpful.


Huf Beru RDE011 (OEM High Price)

ITM Autoparts 08003 (Generic Mid-Price)

Oro-Tek OBE-011 (Generic Mid-Price)

Titan TPMS TITAN-TT-BE-007 (Generic Low-Price)

Is there any reason why the TPMS would be different 2011-2012 to 2013?
The OEWheels site mentioned elsewhere here on CT has the Oro-Tek listed for 2013 and Titan for 2012.
I have an e-mail in to them for clarification.
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Touareg 2011-2014

Check build sheet for PR-7K3 or PR-7K4.

433 MHz (PR-7K3) 7PP 907 275 F
315 MHz (PR-7K4) 7PP 907 275 G
I have the build sticker that was near the spare tire and no where do either one of those appear.
These VW stickers contain limited information. You need full PR codes VIN decoding.
The following sentences will be in the sheet:
"7K3 Tire pressure control, frequency 433 MHz high level version"
"7K4Tire pressure control, frequency 315 MHzhigh level version"
Hopefully, it might show even the TPMS code!

I have the following info printed in my build sheet:

7K0 Without tire pressure warning light.
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