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T3 TPMS Options

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This thread is to accumulate information regarding TPMS sensors for the T3 2011-2013+ Touaregs.

I have a set of 18" rims that do not have TMPS installed. I am going to mount some winter tires and want to add TPMS.
Not going OEM, just wondering what the experience has been with the much less expensive generic options before I order a set.

I think this is the OEM VW part number? 7P0-907-275

There are a number of choices out there.
Any experience you are willing to share would be helpful.


Huf Beru RDE011 (OEM High Price)

ITM Autoparts 08003 (Generic Mid-Price)

Oro-Tek OBE-011 (Generic Mid-Price)

Titan TPMS TITAN-TT-BE-007 (Generic Low-Price)

Is there any reason why the TPMS would be different 2011-2012 to 2013?
The OEWheels site mentioned elsewhere here on CT has the Oro-Tek listed for 2013 and Titan for 2012.
I have an e-mail in to them for clarification.
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Bumping an old thread.

I'm going to put new tires on my Treg and want to change the TPMS at the same time being the vehicle is 7yrs old and don't want to have to redo a RF balance and TSB re-mount soon after.

According to VW parts guys the sensor part# for my vehicle is 7PP907275F.
Huf website says the RDE048V21 will work w/my Treg.

I'm curious if anyone knows if the Huf website is correct and/or has used the RDE048's on their 2011-2014 Tregs.
The lists as 433 MHz which was from 2015 onwards . . .

Thanks for that NoobyT. If you look through the VW #'s it replaces at that site you provided it shows the VW # the parts guys (VW parts site) say fits my vehicle which is also 433MHz. Pics from that site w/OE VW part# highlighted in red.

Even the Huf website shows that this # TPMS fits years '07-'15.
The Huf link


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According to every website I check, my vehicle uses 433 MHz.
Let us know how it goes.

CARid who are a site sponsor sell a two frequency TPMS valve operating on either 315 or 433.

I checked out the site in the link you provided in reference to the dual frequency sensor. It appears that it needs to be programmed as to which frequency to use.
I've definitively confirmed that 2011-2014's use the OE VW part# 7PP907275F. I grabbed a pic of the OE sensor and when I zoom in on it I can definitely see that part # sensor is a 433 MHz. I attached the pic.

I'm headed to my indie mechanic today and I'll report back w/the results.


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Touareg 2011-2014

Check build sheet for PR-7K3 or PR-7K4.

433 MHz (PR-7K3) 7PP 907 275 F
315 MHz (PR-7K4) 7PP 907 275 G

I have the build sticker that was near the spare tire and no where do either one of those appear.
These VW stickers contain limited information. You need full PR codes VIN decoding.
The following sentences will be in the sheet:
"7K3 Tire pressure control, frequency 433 MHz high level version"
"7K4Tire pressure control, frequency 315 MHzhigh level version"

That's great but unfortunately there are no free easy way to get the full PR codes online.
OK for S&G's I called the local VW parts dept. They confirmed 433MHz for my Treg based on my VIN#.

Got the new tires and sensors mounted. Before the mechanic even got the vehicle
pulled out of the shop the pressure for each tire was reading accurately for each wheel... without even using any programming tool. He even thanked me for buying those sensors because they are "The Best". His words not mine.
So to reiterate that was Huf RDE048V21 433MhZ that I used on my 2011 Treg and they worked flawlessly right out of the gate.
Yeah I'm struggling to find the correct sensor for my 2015. Been looking at the Huf OE replacement. They list 2007-2015 up to 5/31/3015 as RDE011V21 and 2015-2016 after 6/2015 as RDE018V21. Since I have spare wheels with sensors for a 2013 in them, I'm thinking of ordering the RDE018V21 and saying a little prayer.
This is the reference chart I'm going off

Open your drivers door and look for the stickers on the bottom right under the door pillar. Mine listed the manufacture date. Hopefully yours does as well. If not call your local VW parts/service dept and tell them your trying to figure out the manufacture date of your Treg and see if they can help based on your VIN#.

For a manufacture date in the last half of 2015 Huf lists the RDE047V21 as well.
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