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T3 TDI Waranty Question

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I own a 2013 TDI Executive that I purchased in Octoboer of 2013. I know that the bumper to bumper warranty is over, but what about the powertrain warranty? I was under the assumption that the powertrain warranty for TDI's was much longer. I had an Oxygen Sensor and a NOX sensor go bad after the bumper to bumper warranty expired. I was told by the service adviser that they are not covered by the powertrain warranty, which surprised me. I held off on fixing them because I was sure that VW would eventually have to buy back my car. I ended up paying for the NOX sensor replacement becuase my AdBlue level was low and they could not reset the adblue level warning without replacing the sensor. I still help out on replacing the O2 sensor because I was sure VW would not be able to come up with a a fix. If I want to sell the car now, I will have to replace the O2 sensor.

Here are my questions:
How long is the Powertrain warranty?
Is the O2 sensor and the NOX sensor covered by the Powertrain warranty?

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Both should have been fixed as part of the settlement agreement. Your invoice date of August of this year confirms it. There was an extended new car warranty in place from February to Nov of this year. I would raise holy hell with VW’s customer line, demanding a reimbursement ,and if that fails, contact the settlement attorneys. Now that a fix has been announced these items are still covered as part of the settlement warranty on emissions and engine components.
^^Furthermore, it is this garbage that makes my blood boil. Your dealer should have known the parts were covered, but the knowledge of the terms of the settlement are not widely understood, even by dealerships. So, at the very least a dealer goofed, because he would have been paid by VW instead of by you. At worst, you are left to conclude that VW failed to educate their dealers ON PURPOSE hoping to avoid just such expenses as you paid.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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