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I managed to skate the Touareg off the road in some nasty freezing rain/black ice yesterday. Missed all the trees by a whisker, but the right rear wheel clipped a downed log on the embankment. It cracked the rim and looks like it bent onto the caliper, as that wheel was seized during the extraction. I'm assuming suspension components were damaged by that impact, but it could just need an alignment. Unfortunately, the force was enough that it set off both side curtain airbags. The insurance adjuster said that airbag deployment usually means a totaled vehicle, but given the value of the Touareg TDI, it might be worth repairing. Given the likely extent of the damage, should I be hoping for a total loss payout? My concern is that there will be deeper issues with the suspension and it won't feel the same post-crash. There is light body damage, but it's really the potential for mechanical issues that worries me. If it is totaled, am I going to get screwed on the cash value? I've been seeing TDIs listen in the high teens on autotrader, and even blue book is only around 20k at this point...

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