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T3 Steering wheel paddle shifters

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The steering wheel has to be swapped out for a wheel with paddle shifters. Part: 7P6419091C is for the black leather steering wheel with paddle shifters. Part: 7P6419091F is for the heated black leather steering wheel with paddle shifters. Other part numbers could apply, brown leather, etc. The airbag should be a direct fit; no special wiring harness needed.

Step 1: Turn the steering wheel to 90 degrees. Use a small screwdriver to release the airbag clip on the back of the wheel and pull out slightly on that side of the airbag.

Step 2: Turn on the car and turn the wheel 180 degrees. Turn off the car. Repeat removal of the airbag clip on this side; the airbag should come all of the way out. There are two wiring connectors between the airbag and the steering wheel; disconnect both.

Step 3: Use a socket set and spline bit to remove the bolt holding the wheel down. Mark the point on the base of the wheel where the tick mark on the original wheel is positioned. Slide the original wheel off.

Step 4: Slide the new wheel on while paying attention to where the tick mark is positioned. Replace the bolt that holds the wheel in place. Reconnect the airbag connectors and push the airbag back on. The airbag should click back in to position with a little pressure.

Step 5: Coding.

16 - Steering Wheel
07 - Coding
Long Coding Helper
Byte 2
Bit 5 (Tiptronic Installed)
Check the Box (Change from 0 to 1)

Step 6: Clear fault codes. I kept the car off while the airbag was disconnected so I didn't get an airbag fault code. I did have to clear a fault code off of the Steering Wheel Module 16 because I test drive the car before reprogramming the Module for the new wheel.


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Love the idea of paddle shifters...enjoy them on my Citroen (probably need them given how their diesel engines are built). But really doubt I would use them on a 8-speed settings + Sports mode.
Maybe when time and money decide to ring some bells in me ;)
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