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Had issues finding the wiring connectors as listed in the quote below from muffin86 as VW no longer sells them. They only sell the patch cables. Ballenger sport had the connectors which are listed here.
CONN-101503 Standard Power Timer (SPT) Female Terminal 5.8mm female contact width. Connector for Clock Spring
CONN-10574 Junior Power Timer Female Terminal for 0.20-0.35mm2 (24-22 AWG). Fuse Box connector

Joining the club with heated steering wheel and paddle shifters :) Mine is a VR6 Sport, so it didn't have heat.
Needed 2 parts and 3 connectors as mentioned previously in threads:

1. 4H0953568H (clock spring with heater)
2. 7P6419091T (steering wheel with tiptronic, heat, lane assist motor) Black/gray stitching
3.a N90684405/N90684505 (connector for Clock Spring for Heat) - this is if you have loose wire and crimp yourself
3.b 000979133E/000979225E - VW Repair Wire part #
4.a N90732703 (Fuse Box connector to place into the fuse box from behind) - this is if you have loose wire and crimp yourself
4.b 000979227E - VW Repair Wire part # for fuse box

Initially had issues with no heat on steering wheel, but there was an answer to that in a post by @NSTouaregTDI. Just compiling all the VCDS actions here for future references.
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