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Hello !


Sorry for bothering, i am doing the swap with paddle shifter equipped wheel. I also have lane assist. I wanted to ask you did you swap also the black control modules in which the cables go inside the wheel or leave them as they are ?

It is exact sam situation as you. I moved the lane assist motor to the new steering wheel. But also moved the control module from mine wheel to the new. When i started the car everything was OK no errors nothing. But paddle shifters wont work. Tried coding but i get error 31 request out of range. Now i am thinking maybe i didnt have to replace the modules.

I would be very grateful if you answer this massage.

Thanks in advance! :)

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Huge shout out to HerrDoc !

Used his:
Binar coding: 10111101
Alfanumeric coding: 000CBD

And everything works perfect! No switching modules again, just coding.

just to add:
1.connect vcds to the car and laptop
2. switch ignition or start car and open vcds
3. test connection and save it
3. open module 16 steering wheel and check for error codes. If they exist, delete them.
4. Again, open module 16, coding, long coding. From the second dropdown menu, choose Multifunctional Steering wheel with Tiptronic installed
5. The third dropdown menu will show Lane assist not installed.
5.1 So i tried to make it Lane assist with head unit installed and then save and click Do IT!, But got error 31.
5.2. So i just left Multifunctional Steering wheel with Tiptronic installed with Lane assist not installed and it coded succsessfully
5.3 The test drive showed that Paddles work, but Steering wheel wont vibrate, despite lane assist turning green when hit the late. Also when you push the button for assist on the top of the right switch for blinkers nothing showed.
5.4 Then stopped, and put the codes from HerrDoc
6. Now i am enjoying the ride with everything working.

Once again many thanks!

Now lets try Sign Recognition.... :)
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