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I am having this problem this few times a month and it is annoying
and dealer won't do anything blaming radio interference. So I am asking if there are others w/ similar experiences and possibly how the problems solved.

First, my car is 2012 TQ, sport w/ nav.

So it first happened at this parking lot and it is just one of those area with local businesses and it didn't seem to have anything that will interfere keyless entry system. it wouldn't unlock right away and if wait for 10 minutes or so, it will unlock it. Not exactly the same spot, but it happened numerous times whenever I visited there and it only wouldn't unlock. (Locking was no problem.)

Today, all of a sudden, MFD all of a sudden resetted while on the road and then at home parking garage, it would't lock!!!! so I tried re-lock it after 15 minutes or so and it did lock....

Radio intereference? ARGH, so annoying!!! anyone with similar experiences????
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