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I replaced my battery 2 days ago. These are the steps I took. Please message me if you have questions, I am happy to help.

Vehicle in this example: 2011 model year, 2010 build year, Touraeg TDI 3.0 Sport with 195,000 miles with factory battery

CAUTION: if you do the work described below you agree to accept all risks to personal injury and property damage from working on electrical systems including pyrotechnic devices.

NOTE: No carpet cutting is required. No modification of any parts is required. No fuses were removed.

Time required: 1.5 hours the first try. 20 minutes additional tries.

1. Mise en place:
tools: 10mm XZN bit (also known as "triple square"), 10mm deep hex socket, socket drive handle, medium length socket extension, medium-long thin flat-bladed screwdriver, small torx bit (I think it was T15, but it helps to have T10-T25 available).

materials: new replacement battery. I bought mine from the VW dealer for $150. You give your VIN to the dealer and you will get exactly the correct battery.

2. Move the driver's seat forward until the rear bolts are exposed. Tilt the seat back fully forward.

3. Remove the plastic seat track covers, if present. Mine broke off long ago.

4. Using the 10mm XZN/triple square tool, remove the 2 seat track bolts. NOTE: the XZN tool does not need to be modified as stated in other how-to guides.

5. Move the driver's seat rearward until the front seat bolts are exposed.

6. Remove the front seat track bolts. Gently tilt the seat backwards until it rests against the rear seat.

7. Using the torx bit, remove a small plastic torx screw holding the heating vent. By hand, unfold the carpet from under the heating vent and on top of the battery cover, so that the battery cover can be fully accessed.

8. Using a thin flat bladed screwdriver, or your hand, release all 4 clips holding the battery cover. I did this by hand. My hands are larger than average size. The long thin screwdriver may or may not be needed.

9. Remove the battery cover.

10. Remove the battery vent tube.

11. Disconnect the positive battery cable with 10mm socket, with no extension. Fold the positive cable away so the battery can be lifted out.

12. Disconnect the very small wire cable connector at the negative battery cable. Be careful not to break it.

13. Disconnect the negative battery cable with 10mm socket, with no extension. Fold the negative cable away so the battery can be lifted out.

14. Remove the center battery hold down bracket using a 10mm socket with medium extension.

15. Remove the forward battery hold down bracket using a 10mm socket with medium extension.

16. Using the provided handles, lift the old battery up and forward and out of the vehicle.

17. Using the provided handles, install the new battery.

18. Installation is the reverse of removal.

19. Test drive. The clock needs to be reset. No radio reset/lock code is needed. I have the RNS 850 infotainment system with Sirius satellite radio. Everything works normally.

20. Replace tools, wash hands, dispose of old battery properly according to your local regulations.

After I did this job, I made a 700 mile trip with 5 adults, their luggage, and towing a 3,000 lb boat. I averaged 18.5 mpg travelling 70mph. To me this is successful feedback on the battery replacement.

NOTE: no error codes were displayed after this job. No error codes were present before this job started.

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Nooby to my observation it does not. The 4 bolts are easily removed and the seat easily is tilted backward against the rear seat. This is the easiest step of the entire procedure.

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Go slowly. I found it "easy" in the sense that each step is not difficult on its own. It is a job that has more steps than most, for sure. One special tool needed, is the driver bit to remove the seat track screws.

Both the original battery and the replacement had two nice handles, making removal and installation a bit more manageable.
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