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Hey guys, I just got a 2010 TDI Touareg! I'm trying to find an aftermarket hitch that's properly rated, but the only ones I keep coming across are the 6k Curt ones. For now I'm just planning haul bikes around so that's not a big deal, but down the road I want to actually be able to tow a trailer so I want the biggest and beefiest one so I never have to worry about it.
I found Trailer Tow Hitch For 11-17 VW Touareg Porshe Cayenne 07-16 ... That's compatible with the T3 but was wondering if I could mount it on the T2 and get away with it. What gives me hope is that it says that it fits 07-15 Q7 which seems to be a common factor in basically all the hitches that I keep seeing for all Touaregs.
Does anyone know what the issue is between T2 and T3? Are the hitches different dimensions? different bolt pattern? Or does anyone know if there's a heavy duty hitch that will fit the T2? My googling abilities have not gotten me very far and I'm hoping on crowd sourced knowledge.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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