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I am looking for some input from others that have replaced front suspension parts. I have no intention of going to the stealer and dropping my pants.

My front suspension creeks, groans, complains and knocks on the bumpy stuff at low speeds.

I have 80k on the clock. So far I have replaced the sub-frame bolts, anti-roll bar links, so it must worn bushes.

Option 1: Replace bushes and bolts lower control arm only refer attachment (parts3, 2+4 and 5)

Option 2: Since the mechanic (not I) will have the front apart, so do I replace all bushes top and bottom (parts 3, 2+4, 5, 11+ 10)

Noting : The pinconnections at the ends of both the upper and lower control arm’s are not serviceable

Option 3: Replace the entire control arm top and bottom Big $$$$ and be done.

Aftermarket parts for all of the above that are more cost effective, complete control arms and individual bushes ect.

Does anyone have an experience with after market parts?

So far I have the following part numbers for bushes:

4no Front upper Bush
2no Bush front Lower inner
2no Bush front lower outer
7L0407183 A
2no Bush front lower inner
4no bolt lower
4no bolt upper

N10532602 2no Strut Mount Bolt


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I have done all the bushes and still had a clunk when going over a bump at speed (when the tyre comes back down - rebound clunk)

I have now determined that it's the balljoints.

If I were you, do all four control arms from the start and be done with it. Ebay sells kits for fairly cheap.

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Had some issues with top wishbone rear bushes at about 60k that I had fixed under warranty. Bush not worn but soft so the wishbone (control arm if you like) would touch the mounting on the chassis. You could actually see the flex by just moving the steering wheel to and fro a bit. Chewed out tyres pretty quickly as well and tracked a bit on changing road contours. At first dealer said " no can't find anything" so I took a video and hey presto, 'oh, that shouldn't cause any problems but we'll fix it for you. Mmmmm
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