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T1 Wiper Blade Fix

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I finally had enough of my smearing drivers (left) wiper. It was getting dangerously bad as it left an untouched area right in the middle of drivers view.
As a mechanic I wasn't afraid to to go whatever measures needed to fix this. : P

If you have this problem and are confident with tools this might be a good fix.

Park Wiper Blades, (Ignition On then Off, tap wiper control switch down once, make sure hood is closed or it wont work) Wipers will move and stop in up position.

Check to see if Wiper Blade is sitting on glass the entire length of blade. Likely it will be like mine and not be touching in the middle right were blade pivots on arm. Mine was about 4mm or so off the glass.

I took my wiper blade off and carefully lowered Arm down to Glass again and the arm wasn't touching the glass.
If you look at the lower Arm Hinge you will notice there are two small tabs on Upper Arm bent inwards which limit the Full Up (off glass) and Full Down (on glass) positions.
I suspect the Full down limit was set to help prevent the arm from hitting the glass if it slaps down without a wiper blade on it and potentially cracking window.

I held the Arm full Up and took a 7/64" drill bit on a cordless drill and drilled the lower stop the Tab would hit down a bit more , maybe about 2 mm or until I could get the Arm to touch the glass with the blade removed.

It's a quick and easy fix if you have the tools and a steady hand. If you decide to try this mod just be careful. You may want to keep a blanket across window in case the arm snaps down onto glass, and be careful drilling down into lower stop. You dont have to remove very much at all.

I've run the wipers using the wiperwasher and it's never looked better, it now wipes the Entire wiper area :grin: :clapclap: :)

Hope it works out for anyone that might be willing to try.

My Treg is a 2005 V6 Air-Suspension


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You apparently had one of the bad old arms. I had this on my 04 and after I replaced the arm I never had it again. Good for you for finding a different fix. Most of them probably have the new arm on them by now. Not sure how yours was not replaced.
does this work the the passenger wiper arm .... or it because it has the canter lever arm (or what ever you call it) there is a different remedy
Didn't know about a replacement arm. Not surprised to hear it as it was certainly a design flaw. It was an easy fix and I didn't have to struggle with pulling the arm off the shaft.

In looking at the right wiper arm it looks like the same mod would work. It's hinge point is very similar with the limit tabs so I don't see why this wouldn't work.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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