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T1, T2, T3 Metal Skidplates for mainland USA buyers

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With permission from the guy who makes these in Australia, (dragline1570), I am starting a new Group Buy thread for mainland United States (Sorry, AK & HI) Touareg owners who want to buy a REAL METAL skid plate for their Touareg.

The actual price of the skid plates will be the same, but the aim is to cut down on the $300+ USD cost of shipping each individual one.

Curious as to what they look like? See this thread:

Per the above thread, dragline1570 has the following skid plates available:

- T1 V10 pre dpf filter
- T1 V8

- T2 V10 with dpf filter
- T2 V6 TDI
- T2 V8

- T3 V6 TDI

So, if you have one of those vehicles and want a skid plate, post up here on this thread. Please DO NOT send ME a PM! Post all questions, etc, here, so that all can see and benefit.

Since there are a few people from the Denver, Colorado area who are interested, I am thinking we could have them all delivered to my place (I have room for storage.) and disperse them from Colorado. I could also personally deliver to Phoenix, as it is not too far of a drive and may be taking a trip there later this year, anyway. If we have a huge interest for a different area, we can look at delivery to a different location, too.

As far as payment goes, all of that will be handled through dragline1570. The idea is to group items together to reduce the shipping costs to the USA.

From Colorado, I am thinking direct pickup in Colorado (80525 zip code, but I can meet you in Denver, too) personal delivery through Touareg members here in the States, UPS or Greyhound shipping, depending on final shipment size.

I won't copy the names from the previous thread. If you are still interested, post up here and tell me WHICH SKID PLATE you are interested in and I'll add you to the list.

Let's bring some REAL skid plates to America! :- )
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Awesome!!! LOL!
And..... All the skid plates have been delivered!!! And I got to see the Oregon Coast! Success all around!
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It's probably the PERFECT TIME. Some folks might need some retail therapy!!
The factory bellypan is useless for off-roading. You well really like these skid plates. There's a reason the Aussies call them bash plates. You really can smash down on them. :- )
You guys need someone to step up to the plate and offer to be the USA-side "distribution" center.

Here's how the one at the beginning of the thread worked:

1. We had a bunch of people interested.

2. I asked for folks in and around the Denver metro area to chime in and express their interest.

3. We gathered up a bunch of folks and determined who was serious.

4. When the time came to put money on the table, we had 4 people in. The skid plates were going to be delivered to my house. 2 would be delivered to Denver and one to Portland (I was going there anyway).

5. *** ALL FUNDS went DIRECTLY to Dragline. I handled NONE of the money. ***

6. Skid plates were shipped and delivered to my door.

7. The 2 Denver guys picked theirs up. I delivered the Portland one. Everyone is happy and their Touaregs are now well protected.

There you have it. Seven easy steps on how to do a Group Buy. :- )
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Well get the testimonials and help organize a second group buy if not a store setup.

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I already bought one! :- )

Time for someone else to do a group buy in their area! LOL!
For those of you on the fence, here's a shot of the skid plate we're talking about. It's on my 2008 (T2) V8. The trail is Slaughterhouse Gulch in Bailey, Colorado. Just a little southwest of Denver.

Before installing this skid plate, I would not have wanted to attempt an obstacle like this. Having the skid plate on there let me worry about driving the obstacle and not worry about what I might slam down on and break. And ironically, I didn't scrape the skid plate at all on this trail.
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Lots of interest, but no one stepping up to the plate.

I am NOT organizing this! LOL!

Here's how I did it: I approached Dragline and got his permission first. Then I asked who in my area was interested in going in on a group buy. Each person would be responsible for arranging/paying for shipping from the USA delivery point. Each individual paid DRAGLINE (NOT ME!) for the product and delivery to USA. On arrival, the skid plates were distributed with the previously agreed methods.

So, that is how I would do it. Now, someone else, go have at it!!
:- )
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